new single by yanky greentzweig

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new single by yanky greentzweig

תגובהדורך real music » דינסטאג נובעמבער 24, 2009 11:44 pm

i got some info today on a new single to be released by a new singer named yanky greentzweig i dont know him or heard any specific info nither on his singing skills but i heard his singing is ok, the single is produced by a new name KING PRODUCTIONS and the music is made by mo kiss who is a wholesale name in the music world, and the song was composed by someone bentzy polatseck, i heard yanky is working on a brand new full album he does the single just to get his name around its not gana be sold its gana be on all jewish websites for free =on the full album i dont have exact info i just know its in the stage of chosing songs and its also produced by KING PRODUCTIONS and music will be recorded in israll i hope to get back with more info shortly

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